Why Girls Prefer Hangout With Guys

Many girls would talk about, “I would rather hang out with guys than girls, because it’s less drama.”I feel the same thing with it.
It doesn’t mean i don’t have girlfriends, but in fact, i have more ‘boy friends’ than girlfriends. Here I found some references to answer, “WHY WE (GIRLS) PREFER HANG OUT W/GUYS?”. And i think i agree with all of the arguments below πŸ™‚

1) Girls feel comfy
In my oppinion, hangout with guys would make me feels more secure. Naturally, it because guys will protect the girls.

2) (Most of) Guys are reliable and easy going
“Sorry, i can’t go with you over 8pm” or “I wanna go with you if you pick me up” . Oh yaa, did you ever heard this statements? When?
“When i ask my girlfriends out”.
Ya, that’s it, if i go out with my guy friends, most of them wouldn’t ask me to pick his up and he can go with me in unlimited time :)) Shortly, guys are more independent.

3) Free of Bad Mood
This the part of guy’s personality that i like the most :)) it just because I’m a moody, i can’t meet another friends who are having a high sensitivity too ! And i found it in my boy friends πŸ™‚

How about you?

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