We are the planners, God the determiner

We can make our plans, but God determines our steps. That way of the steps maybe not the fastest way or the easiest way, but i still believe it must be the BEST way (AMIN..)Dear all of you the readers of my blog. First af all about my life. I always imagine that my life is about “Climbing the never ending top”. That’s why i always continue the climb and I will work with a power that is greater than myself to do it.

Then secondly, I’m a person in a rush. The worst is, i’m rushing in everything!! I hate to wait and i hate any obstacle in my life so that i’ll be the strongest fighter for my life to fight the obstacle.

By the time i’ve been climbed my life, today is the most obstacle i ever hate… I had prepared everything to reach my goals and i know the goals is in front of my eyes, but then something happened to obstruct my goals then i have TO WAIT !!!! For me, waiting is the most unproductive one, because i prefer to RUN THE DAY than THE DAY RUNS ME!

That’s why i always compare everything God says about my life with what my thoughts say about my life. When i ask,”What have I done that i mess things up? :(” Then God says,”Delays in your present will be your success in the future.”(Amin). I should note that God thoughts are higher than my thoughts and God ways are better than my ways!

Maybe this is true that the God’s way maybe not the fastest way or the easiest way, but it must be the BEST way.

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