Reference Museum In Bandung

1. Museum Barli 

Address : Jl. Prof. Ir. Sutami 91  Bandung – 40152, West Java, Indonesia

Phone : +62 22 20118

Type of Collection:

Demonstrate contemporary aspect swan song and demonstrate painting masterpiece from some famous actor and artist


2. Museum Konferensi Asia Afrika

Address : Jl. Asia Afrika No. 65, Bandung – 40401 West Java, Indonesia

Phone : +62 22 4233564 / 42 

Type of Collection:

Object of KAA , Photo of KAA before and after commemoration of KAA , Dasa Sila Bandung , Comment Mass media , Figures idol of KAA , Showroom remain to , Auditorium room , Audio visual , Library


3.Museum Geologi

Address : Jl. Diponegoro No. 57 40122

Phone : +62 22  7213822 

Type of Collection:

Indonesian Geology , The History of Indonesian , Geology for Human Life

4.  Museum Mandala Wangsit Siliwangi

Address : Jl. Lembong No. 38 40111
Phone : 4203393 

Type of Collection:

KODAM Siliwangi stuggles, APRA (Angkatan Perang Ratu Adil) Cruelty Monument, Primitive and modern military weapons which were used in the struggle of KODAM Siliwangi


5. Museum Negeri Sri Baduga

Address : Jl. BKR No. 185 Bandung 40243
Phone 5210976 

Type of Collection:

Geology, Ethnography, Archaeology, Filology, History, Fine arts, Biology, Technology


6. Museum Pos Indonesia

Address Jl. Cilaki No. 73 40115
Phone: 4206195 

Type of Collection:

Museum objects collection, History collections, Philatelic collections, Equipments, Exhibition space


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